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Glass Option Gallery

Transparent Glass:

This glass type yields no privacy and will allow for objects to be seen fully. Transparent glass would be the perfect option for spaces you want to be showcased.



Satin Glass:

Satin glass is a fully opaque option. This glass type does still allow for light to flow through the space, all while yielding privacy.


Mirrored (One-Sided) Glass:

Mirrored glass is another phrase used for reflective glass. This glass type will provide a traditional mirror on the outward facing side of the door, with a solid wood panel backing on the inward side of the door. Full privacy with this option.



Flemish Glass:

Flemish glass has the look of hand blown glass without the seeds and bubbles. It slightly distorts the view through it so it allows light to shine through and brighten up your rooms, while also giving you privacy. We would most describe this look as having a "hammered" texture.


Rain Glass:

Rain glass' name is extremely suggestive and perfectly describes the item. This type of glass looks as if rain is pouring down on it. It has a streaked textured pattern and a unique and easily identifiable style. This is a heavily distorted glass type which does allow light to flow through.


Seeded Glass:

Seeded Glass is a type of glass that undergoes a process in which air or gas is injected into molten glass before the sheet is fully formed. This causes air bubbles to become trapped within the glass, giving it a seedy appearance. We would say this glass is minimally distorted with the seedy glass bubble appearance and it is primarily transparent; not yielding much privacy overall.


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