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Got Questions?


Farmhouse Media Console

As an artist our work is completely custom (no two pieces are identical) and one of the things we love most about what we do, is the ability to truly offer one of a kind pieces to each customer that orders from us. Now with this amazing-ness of custom work, it can also bring many questions to mind, so we have created this page in hopes to give you a better feel for our work, processes, etc..

  • I have a request for a custom build but do not see that item available in your shop. How do I know if you would be interested in building and how would I go about obtaining a quote?

-Well hey there! We're so glad you've found us! You're in the right place! If it involves wood, we can build it! We would absolutely love the opportunity to quote your project. Simply send us a quick email to: with specifics including style as well as dimensions, and we would be happy dig our heals into quoting your upcoming project!


  • Halllp! I have a space and project in mind but I need some guidance- can you help?

-1000% Yes! We are happy to work with you to design the best solution suited for both functionality and style in your space.


  • I would like to order a custom door for you, but I am not seeing the measurements/ size that I need. How do I order?

-Great question! Since our work is completely custom, we are able to accommodate ANY size needed. How great is that!?!
We recommend selecting the next largest size up from our drop down menu, and the specifying your EXACT size needed in the "Notes" section at checkout. 
For Example: If you are needing a door that is 23, 3/4" x 79, 1/2" you would want to select the 24"x80" door size, and the clarify the actual size in the "notes" of your order.


  • Do your doors come pre-hung or just slab only?

-Our door listings are for "Slab Only," meaning that is for the door itself  only. The door will not come pre-hung in a casing.
We DO offer our doors "Pre-hung" for an additional cost of +$175 or +$200 for double/french doors. Please select the "Pre-hung Option" add-on in our catalog and add to your order if needed.


  • Will you mortise for my hinges & doorknob bore if I order a custom door?

- YES! We are happy to mortise for your hinges and doorknob bore but you must provide the specific details required. As detailed in our item listings, it is important that you provide the specific measurements in order for these cuts to be made. Not every doors measurements are the same. You will need to take measurements based on your existing door. You will measure your hinge placement by pulling a measuring tape from the top of the door to the top of the first hinge, top of the door to top of the second hinge, top of the door to top of third hinge, and so on if applicable. You will measure your doorknob bore placement buy pulling a tape from the top of the door to the center of the strike plate. Along with these measurements, we will also need to know the swing/ orientation for your door. For Example: Door opens outward from with Hinges on the Left, Doorknob on the right. This will ensure the mortises are cut correctly. In the event this door is being used for a remodel or new construction where there is not an existing door to measure from, we can cut at our standard or leave un-cut but again, you will need to inform of us swing and that these cuts should be made at our "standard".
**If you do not share these details at checkout, your door will be left un-cut. With the custom nature of every door, leaving uncut is the only solution to ensure the door can still be used and cut properly at a later time to fit your specific space. Customer will be responsible for mortising on their own and at their own expense if applicable, in this case.


  • Where do I note the Hinge & Doorknob Bore measurements when ordering?

- You will add these details to the "Notes" section at checkout. You may also snap LEVEL pictures of the hinge placement when pulling your measuring tape and email those over to us.**Any orders without measurements will be left un-cut**


  • I would like a custom decal design, is that something you offer?

- Yes, absolutely! We can create a custom decal design. Our fee for this is $30 and will include a Proof and up to two revisions.


  • Where do I share my paint & OR decal preferences?

- You will note these specifics in the "Notes" section of your order at checkout.


  • Can I request a custom paint color?

- Of course; you do you! ;)
We share an image with our most popular paint selections, however, you are welcome to request your own specific color. Just be sure to note the Brand/ Name/Paint Code, etc.. in the notes section of your order at checkout, and we will color match to our brand.


  • What is your lead time once I place an order?

-Our lead time is ever-changing, however, we do our best to update here if the timeline changes. As of currently, our lead time is approximately 14-16 weeks out to completion. It does not take us 14-16 weeks to build a door, console, etc.. but that timeline is based on anticipated completion for projects currently on our schedule.
Additionally, It is important to note that we will under no circumstances ever "rush" a project. Our work is an art and we treat it as such. Being that each piece we build is unique, there the timeline may be also.
It is also important to note that there are unforeseen circumstances that are outside of our control. Weather plays a factor in our overall production. Rainy and humid weather conditions slow drying & curing  times. If inclement weather occurs during the "wait" time for completion of your project, you may experience reasonable delay.
Shipping delays are not uncommon either. If shipping is required for your order, please be aware that the process for sourcing each carrier, aligning schedules and their route path does take time. In most cases, our items are not the only pieces being transported by these carriers and so they do have numerous pickups and deliveries scheduled from point A to point B. Another important factor to consider is the ever changing availability of materials from both glass and lumber suppliers. The demand for both are very high at the moment and we are seeing backorders occur. We of course do our best to give much advance notice and order placement, however, we cannot control all aspects of these outside suppliers. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions regarding our timeline.
  • What is the cost of Shipping?

Great Question! We charge a flat rate of $200 for shipping. Your order will be shipped via Independent Transit Carrier with the utmost protection for your custom order. We realize the cost is not exactly "cheap," however, we have priced our items accordingly knowing that this cost would be added. We also have the assurance that with this service, we do not encounter issues where our products arrive damaged as happens far too often with freight carriers.
It is important to note that we will list your shipment for acceptance from a carrier, not to exceed the rate of $200 that you have been charged. With rising fuel cost, this may mean that your shipment "sits" for longer that usual until a carrier is willing to accept at that rate. In the event that you need your item shipped sooner, you are welcome to pay to raise that rate for faster acceptance. Should this be a concern for you, please reach out.
In the event you choose to purchase multiple items, we are generally able to not charge additional cost, however, if added items take up a considerable amount more space/ weight for transit, we will work with you to keep that cost as low as possible. We encourage you to reach out for multiple item purchases and we can create a custom order for you if necessary.

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